Grill Tips

Grill Tips

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1. Grill Tips

How to tell the temperature of your grill
Knowing the temperature of your grill is essential for proper cooking. If your grill does not have a thermometer. Don’t worry. Here is a quick way to tell the temperature of your grill.
Hold your open palm about 15 centimeters above the heat source and count how many seconds you can hold your hand before pulling away.

High Heat: 3 seconds is about 260 degree Celsius

Medium High Heat: 5 seconds is about 205 degree Celsius

Medium Heat: 7 seconds is about 176 degree Celsius

Medium-Low Heat: 10 seconds is about 162 degree Celsius

Low Heat: 12 seconds is about 149 degree Celsius

grill heat

How to achieve stick free grilling.
1) Brush cooking oil preferably sesame oil to the surface of the grill before grilling. This prevents meat from sticking to the grill and provides a little bit of moisture.
2) The grill needs to be hot enough before you add food to it, the hot grates sear the food and help it release better.

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