Marinade & Sauce for meat, poultry, fish, seafood, vegetables and for all kinds of cooking

The secret is in the sauce.  The secret behind our TENZAN sauces are we use all-natural ingredients, chosen with care.  We use Non GMO ingredients, NO artificial preservatives, NO artificial coloring and NO MSG. TENZAN Fine Gourmet Sauces are simple and easy-to-use and are designed for all-purpose marinade for a grilling fiesta adding new  flavors to all kinds of cooking.

ORIGINAL Yakiniku Marinade & Sauce, Sweet & Savory

This wonderful blend of TENZAN Original Yakiniku Sauce is made from naturally brewed soy sauce with various natural fruits, vegetables and spices which will enable you to make a delicious Yakiniku dishes that everyone loves. Now TENZAN has bottled up our ORIGINAL Yakiniku Marinade & Sauce made from our family recipe used in our restaurants available to you for your enjoyment. For all-purpose use from marinating, grilling and roasting to stir frying and sautéing meat, seafood and vegetables. It’s a perfect dipping sauce for all grilled dishes and all kinds of foods. Great as a cooking sauce for fried noodles and fried rice or just mix it with white rice to enhance its taste and make it a mouth watering dish. Ideal for marinating meat and vegetables before grilling. Use 25 to 30 g (adjust to your preference) of TENZAN Original Yakiniku Sauce per 100g of meat or other ingredients.